ISD Iskra - Turning machines

The story of ISKRA ISD to date

The start of Iskra ISD dates back to 1941 when the premises of a textile factory JUGOČEŠKA organized the production of components for aircrafts. As a result this then led to the company LUFTFAHRGERATEWARKE, which was renamed in 1945 in Kranj as a hardware company and in the year 1946 become Iskra, a factory for electrical and precision mechanics.

Iskra ISD has over the years been renamed several times and reorganized into a specialized factory within the manufacturing program, which consists of the manufacturing of various electronic components. These include; power tools, telephones and telephone exchanges, various switches and glass.

In 1992 the then Iskra Cybernetics created 9 separate companies among them was Iskra ISD, which then manufactured components intended for incorporation into final products.

In the former Iskra ISD there were 4 manufacturing plants, namely turning machines, galvanic protection, thermal processing and thermoset plastics and finally die-casting, which in 2006 transformed into independent companies as they are today and work within the group Iskra ISD d.o.o.

Savska loka 4, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia
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