Iskra ISD at BMW

This year, a group of colleagues visited the BMW factory.

First they toured the so-called BMW Welt (BMW World), where various cars of the brand are exhibited. We saw the latest models of cars and motorcycles. In addition to BMW vehicles, Mini Morris and Rolls Royce brand vehicles were also exhibited, as those two brands have been in the ownership of the Bavarian giant for some time already.

The guided tour of the production followed. The factory, located in the centre of Munich, employs around 7,700 people. About a thousand “3 Series” cars are produced every day.

Each car on the line is being produced for an already known customer. All three bodywork variants of the series can be produced on one line at the same time, from the coupé to the limousine and the caravan, without any additional interventions or arrangements. The robots use QR codes to recognise which car is going to be produced, and then choose the correct part accordingly, which they then weld or assemble. Around 1,500 robots are active in the factory, each of which is stopped and completely checked for half an hour every day.

Because the factory is located literally in the centre of the city, they have considerable issues with space, which is why the location concerned is mainly growing in height. The assembly of cars in some places reaches as many as five stories high.

During the tour of the production we saw the sections where the sheet metal is transformed, then we continued the tour by visiting the bodywork production done by welding (there are about 6000 welded points on each car), and finally we visited the assembly line. We were shown the painting and coating of the cars with the help of an animation.

After the tour of the factory, we also visited the museum, where we saw the development of BMW brand cars and motorcycles through time.


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