Iskra ISD – Livarna (division die casting and machining) uses advanced technologies for high pressure die casting of aluminium alloys and further processing.

We have more than 70-year tradition in making technically demanding parts for application areas automotive, electrical, domestic appliances, construction industry and electrical hand tools.

Our key competences are cooperation at mould making, production of die cast aluminium alloys and mechanical processing of castings, which is upgraded by the assembly of these parts in units.

The advantages of our offer are the integrity of simultaneous engineering for product development, design and mould making, implementation of first samplings and pilot production, mass production and mechanical treatment.

High level of automated production, use of new technologies and a sharp focus on the most demanding industries rank our foundry as an interesting supplier.

Key competences are high pressure die casting, mechanical processing and surface treatment of aluminium parts with emphasis on technical and quality requirements.

High pressure die casting of aluminium alloys

Equipment: Bühler, Italpresse, OMS
Clamping forces: between 2500 kN and 8500 kN
Number of machines: 10
Material: AlSi9Cu3, AlSi12Cu, AlSi12, AlSi9
high vacuum assisted casting

Processing of casts and assembly

At the customer's request, we subsequently process casts or assemble them in units, and prepare or offer the product with added value. We purchase corresponding parts and ensure necessary services.

Subsequent operations (internal or via our qualified sub-suppliers):

  • casts trimming
  • pressure grinding
  • machine deburring in vibrators
  • sandblasting
  • machining of casting (turning and milling)
  • powder coating
  • KTL
  • anodization
  • assembly
  • leakage testing
  • impregnation


High quality is assured in compliance with requirements and directives from the IATF 16949 standard.

Measuring equipment: 3D measuring devices, spectrometer, X-Ray testing device
Component Cleanliness Analysis

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